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Hello, I hate being pushed out of my comfort zone when it comes to exercise. I like a slow, winding daily walk in the park or a relaxing Pilates class where I don’t sweat.

Basically, the idea of ​​choosing to actively participate in a workout where the potential for sweat dripping into my eyeballs and being “pushed to your limits” is high, gives me hives. So when Barry’s Bootcamp (yes, that Barry’s Bootcamp with the terribly hardcore name and logo) offered me a chance to test out their new app – Barry’s X – for free, I loved it.

Then I remembered that my resolution for 2021 was to do things outside of my comfort zone. So in the (virtual) red room, I went. (PS The Red Room is the name of their studios where you actually take a class in low light and red. It’s hardcore. And, as we’ve established, I’m not.)

But, reader, it turns out I love to be pushed out of my comfort zone … into my own home with absolutely no one else to see.

The studio’s new app offers some really fun, engaging and high-intensity lessons. All I had to do was choose the class I wanted to take, make sure I had the right equipment around me, and prepare to work my body in ways that I don’t normally do. I’ve been using the Barry’s X app for a few weeks now, and honestly, it’s the best thing I can do to keep up with my New Years resolution. Let me explain why.

Download Barry’s X for free with in-app purchases from the App Store or Google Play.

How it works

The Barry’s X app requires that you have 1) a smartphone (duh) 2) a membership or prepaid classes and 3) some type of strength training equipment, like a set of dumbbells or resistance bands.

Set of dumbbells

Amazon Basics

$ 49.99

More ~ ​​detailed ~ details on this later, but when it comes to actual workouts there are two options: live lessons led by Barry’s instructors who teach from a real red room in real time or training sessions on demand. So all you have to do is figure out what kind of workout vibe you are experiencing and you can easily access both right in the app.

Stream the sessions to your phone, computer, or TV (if you have a smart TV or Airplay capabilities – fahncy, fahncy!). Then sweat buckets for the next 30 to 60 minutes. Badabing badaboum!


There is literally no pressure. About everything.

Alright, yeah, except the actual intense workouts Barry offers. I know it sounds counterintuitive, especially when you hear things like “The Red Room” when it comes to Barry’s overall vibe. But it’s true. Let me explain:

  • You can keep your video OFF during live lessons so no one sees you accidentally hitting your coffee table mid-board.
  • Instructors encourage taking breaks when you need them, to avoid injury. (Pssst, if you’ve turned off your video, no one can judge you.)
  • You can purchase course credits for $ 20 per course or a monthly subscription with live lessons and on-demand videos starting at $ 39 per month. The choice is yours!

    See? No pressure on anything. The less your muscles work hard. He h.

    Your classes sync with your cal.

    If you, like me, are a particularly brainless person who hates being late for anything – I know, it’s a confusing experience – Barry’s got away with it. When you book a course live, you can add it directly to your preferred calendar. Pro tip: If you activate your calendar alert enough on your phone, it basically serves as an alarm to get you up in the morning.

    It was a special grace to me, especially because I found myself (for some reason) booking classes at 6.30am days in advance?

    There are more course offerings than you might think!

    While Barry’s is known for its in-person classes that are half strength training, half treadmill cardio, the Barry’s X app offers a LOT more, while keeping the same program philosophy.

    You have:

    • On-demand course consisting of shorter 20-minute sessions that focus on specific parts of the body
    • Longer courses for the whole body
    • Live classes with or without a treadmill component in a bunch of different time zones (I’m not not saying that I went out one night in my EST life, drank a little too much tequila, and took full advantage of the PST course offerings for a “morning” class feel in the middle of the day. This is called the system game.)

      The music is second to none.

      One of the things I like least about taking classes at home (live or on demand!) You just had to do a jump squat. :: THRILLS ::

      But each instructor clearly takes the utmost care in their playlist, setting the mood for the entire session. It’s like your only friend who always steals the auxiliary cord is taking care of the playlist: it’s okay and it works and there is no skipping. And it turns out that starting a morning workout before sunrise until Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Run Away with Me” is still the move.

      You will feel fulfilled as a whore

      I’ve never felt so amazing after completing my first live class on Barry’s X (Total Body, in case you’re curious), and I’ve already written a final 35 page post on War and peace in one night my last year of college and got an A. Please clap.

      Seriously. I’ve tried my fair share of fitness apps as someone who really, really hates exercise, and I’ve never had the “it makes you feel so good!” endorphins rush out of everything. But, man IDK, there’s something about gentle encouragement from instructors telling me to squat and throw a dumbbell in the air at the same time and actually I do it.

      The inconvenients

      TREAD classes are tricky at home

      ICYMI, a staple of Barry’s classic training, is that it combines both strength training and running for a very high intensity experience. But unless you have a treadmill at home or take a live class at a gym, it gets a little tricky. Obviously, living in a small apartment barely counting as a bedroom, I did not have easy access to a treadmill. For lack of a less cliché sentence, that certainly didn’t stop me from signing up for a Force + Marche live class at 8:30 am one morning!

      The good thing is that the instructors are very aware of the problem with the accessibility of the treadmill, so an option to run outside (or on site if you are on good terms with your neighbors) was made available – with only a few minutes to actually get outside. So as the rest of the class sprinted on their treadmills, I was waiting for the light to change en route to the nearest park.

      Yet I did! Like a fucking superhero (IMO). While running outside offered the thrilling, sweat-dripping experience I was promised as a newbie from Barry, I don’t think I could get through the whole “sprint while looking at your phone for the next move and trying to avoid the dogs and family “thing.

      Not everyone has the same material

      Similar to the treadmill point, many live classes rely on the use of hand weights. Kudos to the instructors who have so kindly given ranges such as “light weights” or “heavy weights”, but if you are working out with a set of two pound dumbbells and resistance bands like me, sometimes it is hard to keep up! Especially when, until recently (ahem, as of March 2020), a lot of “home workouts” really relied only on bodyweight exercises.

      So if you like to follow * exactly * what the instructor does, maybe you can stick to on-demand classes where you can choose what equipment is used. That said, my poor muscles have always had the workout of their dreams (and my nightmares, in a good way !!) with my very poor home gym.

      It’s expensive.

      Yes. As mentioned above, each course credit costs $ 20, or you can purchase a membership package. Here is the full cost breakdown:

      • Subscription 30 lessons per month + streaming on demand – 175 $
      • Subscription 16 lessons per month + streaming on demand – $ 130
      • Subscription 12 lessons per month + streaming on demand – 105 $
      • Subscription 8 lessons per month + streaming on demand – $ 75
      • Subscription 4 lessons per month + streaming on demand – $ 39
      • Single live lesson – $ 20

        While the price is similar to an in-person studio structure, it’s still a hard pill to swallow when there are other home workout apps out there that cost a fraction of the price.

        The verdict

        If you did it for that, thank you !! As I’ve said many times throughout this article, I’m not the HIIT, thrill-seeking, sweat-chasing type. Still, I loved this app. It gave me, a very self-aware homebody, the opportunity to thrive in a studio-type live lesson. Plus, the on-demand classes were just, uh, the chef’s kiss.

        So if you’re looking to get back to the ‘real workout’ life you had before the pandemic, I couldn’t recommend the Barry’s X app highly enough. Especially because not everyone feels very comfortable with following the pandemic. a class in person, and maybe never again! The flexibility of the class and the experience is there, and you’re actually going to say, “Oh, so that’s endorphins ???” at the end of each course.

        I’m definitely not giving up on my precious YouTube pilates or curvy outdoor walks, but you won’t find me deleting this anytime soon.

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