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Late abortions, gender identity and, most importantly, Eagle County’s indoor mask requirement for schools and the extent of public health mandates were all on the mind of Basalt Pastor Jim Tarr on Monday. afternoon.

Sherronna Bishop, who runs a Facebook page called “America’s Mom,” interviewed the Cornerstone Christian Center senior pastor on Monday afternoon and live streamed their conversation to her social media accounts which have thousands of followers.

“I contacted him – I actually got several messages over the weekend from concerned parents… this is a private Christian school. They don’t get taxpayer funds; they don’t get money from the state, ”Bishop said in an interview with the Aspen Daily News Monday night.

Tarr was visibly moved onscreen Monday, claiming that although they were fined $ 5,000 and sentenced to 18 months in prison for the school’s failure to comply with the county public health ordinance Of Eagle, he and his wife had prayed about it and he was ready to face any legal consequences that might arise. He confirmed in his interview with Bishop that he had warned Eagle County that the school would reopen while maintaining its policy of “family choice” – that is, students whose families want them to leave. ‘they wear a mask can do it, and those who will not be required to do so.

“Where we are right now, we have closed our doors to be able to regroup, but I tell you, we are as strong and determined as we have ever been. And today we are letting the county know that we are opening today, and we are not going to follow their orders given to us.

“I’m starting to get excited,” Tarr continued during the 30-plus minute Zoom conversation. “Here’s the problem: when it’s all said and done, Sheronna, they broke faith with me and I don’t play anymore. I can’t pretend; I’m finished. I’m sorry, I’m awesome, but this is where I am.

Cornerstone Christian Center, which resides in a section of Basalt in Eagle County, has been subject to the county public health ordinance which requires anyone over the age of 2, regardless of their immunization status, to wear an indoor mask inside a school building – unless at least 80% of its occupants have been fully immunized.

“The county has worked diplomatically, compassionately and reasonably with Cornerstone Christian School to ensure organizational compliance with the public health order as we do with all educational institutions. We have invited school leaders to speak to our public health officials and will continue to pursue effective dialogue and outreach to keep their school community safe, as well as the county as a whole, ”Justin Patrick, Principal Eagle County Communications Strategy. “Our position has been and continues to be that mask requirements in schools have been shown to be effective in reducing the spread of COVID-19. We believe it is essential for the mental health of students to participate in the process. ‘face-to-face learning, and keeping disease incidence rates low is one of our best tools to prevent distance learning that could be triggered by state mandates. ”

Tarr said officials should be more concerned about late abortion, which he called “legalized violence,” than cases of COVID-19 in children, especially those at Cornerstone Christian School. Located adjacent to the Cornerstone Christian Center, Cornerstone Christian School must always follow all local public health orders or its staff and students could face a fine of up to $ 5,000 and jail time of up to 18 months, according to the county public health order.

“In the meantime, nine kids at Cornerstone Christian School actually have a head cold for three days, then preen their gradual feathers at night feeling like we’ve done something righteous by coming after a Christian school. private, ”Tarr said. “What disaster could I create here at Cornerstone Christian Center?” Could they compare [to] the disaster at the national border, the loss of energy independence, broken supply lines, the collapse of the economy? ”

In total, including the nine children at Cornerstone Christian School as well as staff and volunteers with COVID-19, 17 people have tested positive, Tarr said. A man Tarr said he “prayed” with every Wednesday morning and who volunteered at school has died of an infectious disease caused by the coronavirus.

“He’s volunteered and he’s been reading to kids all these years since 2012. This year he knew about our policy, he wanted to be a part of it and he had COVID. And we lost it. And it’s a tragedy and he was a personal friend and a prayer partner, ”Tarr said, decrying the story made the local newspapers. “Now this has been understood because we are the school that killed someone from COVID. ”

Bishop and Tarr both highlighted their concern and outrage over their shared perception that the local media did not fairly report on events surrounding the dispute between Cornerstone Christian School management and the public health departments of the county and state. Tarr thanked Bishop for inviting him to speak on his social media platforms, calling him the only “safe” space to do so outside of his Sunday service.

“When we try to communicate our story, there is no safe space to give it except for an opportunity like this. This is our first opportunity besides me to set everything up yesterday in our Sunday morning service and bring it out. The local newspaper is lost, as far as I’m concerned, ”he said.

Bishop echoed this sentiment, both in his conversation with Tarr on Monday and subsequently in an evening interview with the Aspen Daily News.

“One thing he said is that the local newspaper, there is no way for us to tell our side of the story. The local newspaper colludes with the public health department – the public health department gives it information… and then they publish it. This is the gospel, ”she said Monday evening, while acknowledging that it is possible that a newspaper used the Colorado Open Records Act to obtain information from a public entity.

“You may or may not know that in fact very far left progressives have systematically gone to our local mountain towns and bought all the local papers,” Bishop told Tarr. “They don’t have local ownership anymore and so they turn it around as they see fit, whatever crazy program they… put us in Colorado and America.”

It is not immediately clear which “local papers” Bishop was referring to in Monday’s interview, although he mentioned the Vail Daily more than once, and Bishop reported several articles and comments on Monday evening. opinion published in both the Vail Daily and The Aspen. Times. Both publications are owned by Swift Communications, an independent company based in Carson City, Nevada, which owns a myriad of mountain community publications, including the Glenwood Springs Post Independent. The Aspen Daily News has been owned by Paperbag Media since 2017 and The Sopris Sun at Carbondale is a weekly non-profit publication.

“It’s a taxpayer-funded paper. You are required by law to have a local newspaper so you pay for it, ”Bishop said, although none of the aforementioned titles are publicly supported. “To threaten you with your own paper – I mean, it’s crazy.”

Earlier this month, the FBI raided the home of Bishop, who was previously the campaign manager of Representative Lauren Boebert, as part of an investigation into an alleged electoral system violation in Mesa County. Bishop referred to the incident during her interview with Tarr, and although she said she would be “happy to answer questions” about it later – she was returning a phone call to discuss the situation. de Tarr, she said – she offered no additional perspective. On Monday.

During his interview with Bishop, Tarr also criticized Eagle County Director of Public Health Heath Harmon for using “him, him, his” in his email signature, which Tarr noted during his email signature. from his discussions with Harmon earlier this year about the indoor mask mandate.

“You click on it and you get eight pages of their pro-trans agenda and why is that coming from the county health director at a church?” Tarr asked Bishop. “It’s not the building of bridges, it’s the destruction of bridges.”

In an email Monday afternoon, Harmon said he was “unaware” of Tarr’s remarks and was unable to comment further until Tuesday.

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