Better support needed for eldercare providers to embrace new technologies

Aged care providers are having mixed results with new technologies and management systems and need better support to succeed, according to CompliSpace’s annual Aged Care Workforce Report .

The Impossible Task: Workers’ Views of Growing Eldercare Demands report by CompliSpace surveyed over 1,000 seniors to better understand workforce trends, challenges and needs within companies.

He revealed that 47% of workers have seen their organization adopt new technologies in the past year, including electronic health records, workforce management programs and e-learning platforms. .

However, a slight majority of 54% said the quality and efficiency of their work had improved with the new technology, while 15% actually saw a decrease in quality and efficiency in the provision of care to the elderly.

The report’s findings have raised concerns as vendors work towards new government regulations and compliance requirements.

Chief executive officer (CEO) of senior care technology provider InteliCare, Daniel Pilbrow, says organizations have been consistent in adopting new technologies, although external factors have impacted the deployment of new innovations in the care of the elderly.

“The care sector continues to grapple with current challenges including an aging population, growing elderly care needs and staffing shortages,” Mr Pilbrow said.

“Technology can be used to help relieve the pressures facing the healthcare industry. Technology adoption has been steady, with growth continuing despite the many challenges facing the industry and its workforce.

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