CAG officials testify before a parliamentary committee

National auditor CAG officials testified before a parliamentary panel on Monday alleging unreasonable delays in submitting annual reports and audited accounts to parliament.

The Parliamentary Committee on Table Papers for Lok Sabha chaired by BSP MP Ritesh Pandey held deliberations with representatives of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) for over an hour.

During the meeting, CAG officials said several self-governing bodies and a few departments lacked accounting experts and therefore their annual reports needed to be corrected and returned, sources said.

The officials also said that various ministries and autonomous bodies were not submitting their annual reports and accounts to the CAG on time, they said.

This parliamentary committee is constituted each year to examine the reasons for unreasonable delays in the filing of annual reports and audited accounts of the various autonomous bodies, public enterprises, commissions, agencies and ministries or departments and others under the administrative control of the government of the Union.

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