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Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette Calumet Village Attorney Jim Tercha said the need to reinstate the gas line ordinance.

CALUMET – The Village Council on Tuesday approved a motion to enact Ordinance No. 161. The Ordinance grants SEMCO Energy Gas Company the “the right, power and authority to lay, maintain and operate gas pipes, mains and utilities on, along, across and under highways, streets, lanes, bridges , waterways and other public places, and to operate a local gas business in the Village of Calumet, located in Houghton County, Michigan, for a period of thirty years.

called on “Gas Ordinance”, Village manager Amber Goodman told council the ordinance was inadvertently overturned but due to its size it will cost “a little” to get it published in the local newspaper.

Village attorney Jim Tercha told council the ordinance should be reinstated.

“It’s not an option” he said. “They (SEMCO) originally paid for it, and we accidentally repealed it, so it’s our duty to repost it.”

Tercha suggested the cost would be around $1,000, but Goodman replied that it might not cost that much.

Regardless of the cost, however, as Tercha said, the prescription must be placed back in the prescription book.

Trustee Pam Que introduced the motion to reinstate the order saying: “I don’t even know how it was repealed.”

The motion was seconded by Administrator Ken Olkkonen and was unanimously approved.

The ordinance was inadvertently repealed with the passage of Ordinance No. 159, on August 17, 2021. The ordinance was designed to update village governance, part of which was to repeal outdated ordinances or obsolete that no longer served a useful public purpose. The repeals apply to more than 120 ordinances, most dating back to village organization.

Ordinances number 1, 2 and 3, for example, prohibit gambling, dancing on Sundays and a ban on the operation of brothels. Ordinance No. 7 prohibited gamblers, vagrants and prostitutes, Ordinance No. 48 authorized the Houghton County Street Railway Company to erect electric streetcars on certain streets.

Goodman said that by repealing old orders, some of them may have the same order number as another unrelated order.

“It can get complicated” she says. “I think in the future all ordinances that are being issued will get new numbers.”

Order No. 161 is for SEMCO, she said, so that’s something that’s needed.

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