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Cavs recruiting website makes life easier for college scouts

Posted at 4:28 p.m. on Friday, September 16, 2022

Callaway football is one step ahead of its peers when it comes to recruiting its players. Launched a month ago, the Cavs Recruits website is giving Cavalier players exposure they didn’t have before.

“Everyone sends an Excel sheet with prospects to all these colleges, and you just have to hope your guys stand out on paper,” said Andrew Caraway, Callaway’s recruiting coordinator. “We wanted a way to differentiate our guys from the rest of the people who send in recruiting sheets. We wanted to make it interactive.

The webpage is constantly adding players from the Cavaliers team with a view to eventually having all the players who want to play college on the website. At present, it consists of upper classes. Individual players each have their own “map” that you can click on. In each player’s card, there are measurable elements such as height, weight, bench, 40-meter running time, etc.

There is also a section for each player to put GPA, SAT and ACT scores, which are very important when recruiting.

“A school like Wake Forest recruits nationally, and it can be difficult to get major college football players with the college football we need,” said Dave Cohen, defensive line coach at Wake Forest. ” Hurry up. Having a website where we can delve into the inner workings of the guys we should be watching makes my life so much easier.

The website also offers a quick way to contact the coach and even the athlete. What might be most important is the inclusion of links to Hudl, which contains highlights for each athlete.

“I actually started this plan this summer,” Caraway said. “I reached out to some top level coaches that I really respect. I reached out and asked ‘how would you like something like that?’ The overwhelming response was “that’s awesome, and it really makes my job easier.”

The recruiting landscape has changed dramatically over the past few decades. The internet age has changed so much in the way coaches and college scouts recruit.

“It can be harder to recruit (in the internet age),” Cohen said. “There are no more secrets. It used to be that you could get people to work, but now everyone is so aware of social media and everything. Most people know where the good players are. News travels fast.

Caraway is in tune with the times. He also created digital business cards for gamers. So when coaches scan a QR code, it sends them directly to the player’s profile on the website.

While 3-5 star recruits who come through Callaway won’t have a hard time being recruited, not everyone has that luxury. The Cavs Recruit website helps bolster the platform of some lesser-known players going through the Cavaliers program.

“We just want to get the names of the players out there,” Caraway said. “We hope this will help coaches assess our children and hopefully lead to scholarship opportunities.”

None of this happens without Caraway. Since his re-involvement in the program in 2020 — he graduated from Callaway in 2007 — he’s bolstered the Cavaliers’ ability to be recruited by colleges big and small.

“He makes himself available and he loves this program,” Cohen said. “He’s great with information, but he’s also very honest about who is the right fit for your school.”

The next step for the website: expansion.

“We film every play on Friday nights, and we want to have something other than your standard film on Hudl,” Caraway said. “We want to add real footage from the sidelines so you can really see how big a player is or how fast they are. Incorporate life highlights so coaches can log into the website and see what individual players have been up to.

Callaway’s football recruiting website can be found at

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