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Parsons resident David Smith says there’s a sewer problem at a nearby home that’s creating unsafe conditions and a stench in the area.

Smith of 1214 Grand informed Parsons town commissioners of the issue at Monday’s meeting. At 1216 Grand, raw sewage and paper products flow back into the yard, creating an unsightly smell and conditions that Smith said he and his wife could smell and see from their home.

“The smell is horrible,” Smith said. “Sometimes it’s hard to get out the front door.”

The houses are opposite the Forest Park tennis courts. Smith said some people smelled the stench from the park. With warmer temperatures and summer setting in, Smith said bugs and flies are drawn to the area.

“And the smell is getting worse,” he said.

Smith and his wife, Cheryl, moved to Parsons last fall and experienced this problem shortly after moving here, he said.

“So about 189 days ago we were moving in and saw that the sewer cleanup next door had been discovered,” he said.

The cleaning is under the bathroom window at 1216 Grand, Smith said.

“So when they flush it, it pretty much comes back,” Smith said.

Smith said the couple’s bedroom was 22 feet away and they couldn’t open any windows because of the smell.

Speaking to commissioners on Monday, Smith hoped to speed up a solution.

“It’s mean,” Smith said. He added that they keep getting an idea of ​​the problem.

“We don’t think we should have to endure this,” he said. “We are looking for some sort of cure.”

Smith said the front yard of 1216 Grand was marked off, but nothing happened after that. The Sun saw utility flags in the yard on Tuesday afternoon.

Smith said he and his wife contacted the city about it last October. He contacted the city several times about this issue and reported the raw sewage to the field. He said water and city staff came to see the property and tried to fix the problem. He said city staff told him they would notify the landlord about the problem, but days, weeks and months went by with no resolution.

City Manager Debbie Lamb said Monday the city has contacted the owner of 1216 Grand on multiple occasions. Lamb, who said he’s been aware of the issue for about two weeks, said the owner of the 1216 Grand has contracted with a plumber and is ready to fix the problem shortly. This is a rental home and the Labette County website lists the owner of 1216 Grand as Pine Ridge Properties LLC, which is owned by Labette County Commissioner Cole Proehl, according to the Link-page. In de Proehl. City officials did not mention the owner’s name at Monday’s meeting.

On Tuesday, Proehl told The Sun he had spoken to the plumber and they were ready to fix the problem. He indicated that the plumber will replace the lines on the property. Proehl added that he had completed all necessary permits.

“We’re ready to go out there and deal with it,” Proehl told The Sun.

He said it was a miscommunication between him, the city and other entities with this situation. Proehl said he was previously waiting for the city to give him the green light to start the project.

On Monday, Smith clarified to Mayor Leland Crooks that the sewage drains on the ground. He added that when the paper products dry out, they sometimes blow over their yard and other areas in the neighborhood.

Parsons town commissioners said the situation was unacceptable and urged officials to do something about the situation.

“It’s unwarranted,” Commissioner Kevin Cruse said.

Lamb told commissioners on Monday she would contact the owner of 1216 Grand on Tuesday. Crooks asked Lamb to update the commissioners on the situation. Proehl confirmed to The Sun that he spoke to Lamb on Tuesday.

Also during the meeting, commissioners consulted the Town of Parsons website. At a previous meeting, Crooks suggested that the city spruce up the website.

On Monday, officials posted the website on the monitor for commissioners to view. Crooks said at the reunion that he thought it sounded better than he remembered before. Crooks said he wanted the website to be more inviting and updated. He said the Labette County website appeals to you because of the layout and how it looks. The mayor also suggested a rotating banner of photos and other information on the website. Matt Hoisington, events and media director, said the video could also be incorporated into the website.

Jim Zaleski, the city’s director of economic development, spoke to the marketing and social media commissioners.

“Creating marketing content now happens on a social media platform, not a web platform,” he said. “What we really need to do is we need to connect a blog, which will appear on the website as a blog. It’s just every post that Callie (Carpenter) makes on social media.

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