Computer courses visit Seneca One


Mon Nov 1, 2021 2:05 PM

Computer science students from the Orléans and Niagara Technical and Vocational Education Centers at BOCES d’Orléans / Niagara visited the Seneca One Tower in downtown Buffalo.

The skyscraper was once the One HSBC Center. It is currently owned by Douglas Development, who transformed the iconic building into a mixed-use space for city residents to work, live and play.

Classes of Jeff Brown (Niagara Career and Technical Education Center) and Paul Herrmann (Orleans Career and Technical Education Center) appreciated the history of building and careers at M&T Tech Hub. The students also had the chance to get a 360 degree view from the 37th floor of the building, where their guide pointed out the landmarks of Queen City and the brand new building in Buffalo called “61 Terrace”, also known as of “Donut Hole Project.

At the M&T Tech Hub, students had the opportunity to discuss the benefits of working in the company with several of the employees. M&T employs over 1,000 technologists in the Tech Hub alone. It will hire 500 technologists nearby along the Lafayette Court Building Innovation Corridor.

The students also toured the facility to see how a technology team secures data. Kris Meier, Director of Threat Analysis and Information Protection (Cybersecurity), gave a presentation and answered all of the students’ questions. The students were impressed with the technology and modern layout of the space – as well as the arcade available for employees to let off steam and relax during their breaks.

The students had the chance to see the Tech Academy – the first in the region – where their company will develop and develop employees of M&T and other regional companies, and provide technology skills training to the community. The WNY Tech Skills Initiative will provide up to 3,000 community members with free access to technology and digital skills training for those aged 18 and over. Students, who are of legal age, have the opportunity to participate in virtual training on technical skills such as data analysis, digital marketing, UX design, and introduction to coding.

Herrmann said: “I thought it was a great experience for our students. Some students have never been to downtown Buffalo so this was a real treat. The students had a great opportunity to see real work environments and ask questions regarding these jobs. We are very grateful to Seneca One for hosting us and look forward to bringing other students to the institution in the future. “

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