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With the retirement has come for many the time to buy the long-awaited RV, to rebuild the house or make a trip around the world.

If one’s own financial resources are not sufficient, a loan for retirees is an option. At Sir Lender you will find the suitable senior loan for your wishes within a few minutes! We also help you get a loan for retirees with a low pension.


What makes a retiree loan different from other loans?

Loans for retirees are normal installment loans. The loan taken up will be repaid over the agreed period by means of constant monthly installments. However, the possible amount of the loan, the term and the terms can be different for a loan for retirees than a normal loan.

Although retirees have a secure income through their pension, there is also a higher risk of illness or death before the loan is fully paid. For this reason, many banks have an age limit on senior credit.

Some credit institutions are no longer providing loans to pensioners from the age of 60, others have a limit of 79 years. A loan for pensioners over 80 is accordingly very difficult to get.

Most senior loans are given up to 75 years

Most senior loans are given up to 75 years

Often, however, small loans are possible for retirees, where the loan amount is low and thus the duration remains short. At Sir Lender, you can quickly find out which retiree loans are right for you. If you have any questions, please contact our credit specialists at any time.