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BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) — In this week’s segment of North Dakota Outdoors, Mike Anderson shows us how easy it is to find a new lake to go fishing using technology from the Game and Fish Department website.

If you’re looking for a new lake or a certain species of fish to target, a good place to start is the Department of Game and Fish website.

“What we did in the past was we had a report, but it was just a piece of static printed paper that you could read. Then you had to go on to something else to find out where they were,” said Jerry Weigel, North Dakota game and finfish supervisor.

With the new changes, here’s an example of how easy it is to find perch lakes near Riverdale, ND.

“Now you can search for perch lakes, say, 50 miles from Riverdale, North Dakota, and then it’ll give you a list of those lakes. It’ll show you a map of where they are, then you can click on it and that’s where you get into the details. What’s the latest info on stocking this lake? What’s the latest info on survey offsets? Does it have a boat ramp? launching? Are there any special regulations?” says Weigel.

You can also click on the Google Map icon and it will give you driving directions and take you straight to the lake.

Weigel says the goal is to have a list of lakes to give an angler a good chance of having a positive outcome when fishing.

“So let’s say it was yellow perch or black crappie the list will be lakes you should have a good expectation of catching black crappie if that’s what you’re interested in versus where we caught black crappie all over the state,” Weigel said.

Another good thing about the Where to Fish page is that the data is up to date.

“When we stock catchable trout, the day those slips come in, which is usually very soon after stocking, that will be on those reports. It’s available to them right away. We’re putting a new fishing pier in the lake and immediately that icon for that rig is going to be there and they can search for it,” Weigel said.

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department manages nearly 450 lakes statewide, and the fishing has never been better.

“We try to create recreational opportunities for people to enjoy and enjoy,” Weigel said.

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