Dummy money on film set prompts warning | Local news

BENNINGTON – These are more likely leftovers from the set of “The Great Train Robbery” or “Ocean’s 11”, but you better watch out for the fake $ 100 bills.

As a precaution, the Bank of Bennington recently posted on its Facebook page images of fake $ 100 bills available online and appearing in the Bennington area.

Bank security guard Walt Callahan said no one attempted to pass any of the bills, which are intended for use on film sets. But someone showed one of the fakes to a Manchester office worker, which led to the display.

Facebook Publish highlights two sections of the bills that should be checked by anyone who encounters a $ 100 bill. These include looking for the word “copy” at the bottom corner of both sides of the paper and the words “For film use only”.

Otherwise, the bills look real, officials said, albeit without the thick paper feel of an actual note.

“We have met people who had money for ‘movie’ props in their possession but did not attempt to pass them on,” said Lt. Camillo Grande of the Bennington Police Department. “It is printed on both sides,” For film use only “, but the invoices look real. People say they buy them on the Internet. We get different reasons why a person can be in possession of these.

Grande added that a search of police records as of January 1, 2000 revealed that “we have only had a few incidents where someone has actually passed forged invoices, but not recently. Not specifically $ 100 bills.

He said he had also spoken with dispatchers and day shift workers in the department and that they were not aware of any recent calls involving bogus invoices.

Jim Therrien writes for Vermont News and Media, including Bennington Banner, Manchester Journal and Brattleboro Reformer. Email [email protected]

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