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Are you looking for a cheap Swiss loan from Switzerland that will be paid out without credit bureau?

Then you have found the right contact person with us. Our experts develop tailor-made solutions so that you can dispose of the loan amount within a very short time.

Internet loans for people with bad credit- get one now 

Many consumers are aware of the situation that bank lending often involves longer waiting times.

Even house banks are no exception. In case of doubt, not only several days can pass from the request to the loan approval, but, depending on the financial institution and the amount of the desired loan, even a few weeks.

With our Swiss loan from Switzerland, you do not waste valuable time, because you can significantly reduce the waiting time. After a positive examination of a loan application, the loan amount is ready for our customers within one working day! You will thus quickly enjoy the financial means, – exactly when you need it.

Whether bridging a financial shortage, paying bills or urgently needed acquisition, there are numerous life situations that require swift action.

We support you in your project with exactly the loan that reflects your very individual situation and ensures a solution tailored exactly to your needs with the credit. Make your internet loan for bad credit request now!

Current loan offers: Swiss Credit

If desired, our credit experts will also create a personal loan offer free of charge and without obligation

What is a Swiss loan?

The term “Swiss credit” dates back to earlier times, when only the Swiss banks forgave loans without credit bureau.

Today the Swiss loan comes from Liechtenstein. This is a package offer with fixed loan term of 40 months, a credit bureau query is not. Our customers can choose between three loan sums, with the amount of the loan amount linked to their respective income. The installment payment does not begin until the month after the contract is signed.

Although the Swiss loan is one of the usual installment loans, it is characterized by the fact that the payment is made very quickly. But how do we achieve the short processing time? We use standardized processes and can accelerate the processing processes thanks to targeted simplification.

This enables us to test our customers’ loan requests almost automatically in real time. If the result of the credit application check by one of the banks cooperating with us is positive, no more than one business day will pass before the lending bank instructs the amount.

Requirements for a loan approval:

The most important requirements at a glance

  • Age of the applicant
  • Permanent residence in Germany
  • Regular income
  • An indefinite employment relationship that has existed for at least 12 months

Documents you need to apply for the loan

  • The last two pay slips with matching bank account statements
  • A copy of the identity card
  • A copy (electronic) of your income tax card or a copy of the December payroll

When can the bank refuse my application?

If –

  • An insolvency proceeding against you has been opened
  • Against it a warrant has been issued
  • A prison sentence has been imposed on you
  • You have made an affidavit
  • You receive Hartz IV or other social benefits

Credit from Switzerland – without purpose

For a Swiss loan, no purpose is to be specified. It is solely up to you what you want to use the loan amount for. Whether you are on holiday, buying a new kitchen or clearing out your checking account, with a Swiss loan you fulfill the wishes that are of the utmost importance to you.

With a credit inquiry you take with us no risk, because this is and remains for you free of charge and without obligation. Within a very short time, you will receive a meaningful answer as to whether one of our partner banks rates your credit wishes positively.

Swiss Credit: five steps to the desired amount

Swiss Credit: five steps to the desired amount

In the following, we have put together the five steps from the application to the payment again in an overview for you:

  1. credit request
    You can submit a free and non-binding loan request via our online form. Enter your personal data (eg name, date of birth, current address, monthly income, etc.). Now select the desired loan amount. This step usually takes only a few minutes.
    Data security is important to us. So we use your data exclusively in the context of credit brokerage and do not pass it on to third parties. Certified SSL encryption protects our online form against access by unauthorized persons. Our name has stood for serious and discreet loan brokerage for more than 45 years. Of course, this also applies to online processing.
  2. quoting
    We contact the banks cooperating with us and send you on the same day the package you have chosen. If your financing needs are higher, we look for the best possible financing partner for your loan request in our bank pool of over 20 large and small partner banks.
    Also in this case, you will receive a loan offer within only one working day.
  3. Submit the loan agreement and documents
    You have checked the loan offer and agree with the terms? Now you just have to sign the loan agreement and send it along with all the necessary documents, such as your salary statements for the last quarter, to the specified address.
  4. Audit by the bank
    The financial institution now checks your documents and reconciles everything with the loan agreement. If the bank decides to approve the Swiss loan, it initiates the immediate payment of the loan amount.
  5. loan disbursement
    The agreed loan amount will be transferred in full to the account specified in the loan agreement. Once the bank has given its commitment to lend, it takes a maximum of one business day to dispose of the money.

Questions and answers on the topic: Swiss Credit

Why can a Swiss loan without credit bureau make sense?

Those who opt for the Swiss loan without credit bureau often have good reasons for doing so. As this loan does not check credit at credit bureau, taking out a Swiss loan can not have a negative impact on the credit bureau score. Thus, the danger that the creditworthiness of a borrower is downgraded by the credit bureau is eliminated.

The discrete Swiss loan is therefore advantageous for you if you later need financing again because there is no credit bureau entry. In addition, there are other situations in which the credit rating of credit bureau can play a role, such as when a potential landlord requires a credit bureau information.

Is a loan request always free and non-binding?

A credit inquiry is basically free and without obligation. The same applies to the loan offer we obtain from one of our partner banks. Fairness and transparency are among the maxims that define our work. So we do not charge any costs to our customers, should a loan application be rejected.

We only work success-dependent and never charge any pre-costs. Even if you do not want to take out a loan after a loan has been taken, this is free of charge for you. We know that not all credit intermediaries rely on fair conditions. For the sake of completeness, we would like to emphasize that we expressly distance ourselves from such industry representatives.

How fast is the redit from Switzerland processed?

Sometimes it has to be fast. One of the big advantages of our loan from Switzerland with online commitment is that we fulfill this requirement thanks to our unbureaucratic approach. We are able to process a loan request in no more than 24 hours. In real time, we keep you up to date with the status of your request.

After we have received the offers from our partner banks, we look at them in particular to see whether they fit your personal wishes and your current financial situation. We will send you the best offer within one working day and will send you the documents as you wish by e-mail or by post.

When will the Swiss loan be paid out?

The loan offer tells you that you have signed the loan agreement and submitted all necessary documents? If the bank now issues the final loan commitment, the money will be transferred to the account you require within one working day. With a Swiss loan, you can thus have the loan amount very quickly.

Can a Swiss loan be repaid early?

We know the fact that financial life sometimes changes from one day to the next. So there are events such as job changes with significant salary increases or unexpected inheritances. If you want to repay your Swiss loan sooner than scheduled due to a new income situation, this option is open to you. You can always make free special redemptions. If you are interested in a complete repayment of your loan, there are also ways to realize this.

Is a Swiss loan linked to a purpose?

With a Swiss loan, you will not only have financial resources at your disposal very quickly. Thus, this credit combines another great advantage, because it is not a purpose to specify. That means no less to you than greater freedom and discretion – as opposed to a dedicated consumer loan. Whether you invest in your training, maintain your hobbies, make a trip or balance your current account, which wishes you meet, it is all about you.

What speaks against lending?

In a few exceptional cases, there are good reasons against lending. Since we do not want to raise false hopes, here’s an overview of the facts. Given one of the following circumstances, this usually results in a loan application being rejected:

  • legal dunning
  • declaration of an oath
  • judicial insolvency proceedings
  • indebtedness
  • Warrant for enforcing an affidavit
  • not resident in Germany

Your credit requirement is higher than 7,500 euros?

Your credit requirement is higher than 7,500 euros?

In addition, we offer our customers instant loans, which include up to 100,000 euros. As an additional loan parallel to existing obligations up to 50,000 euros are possible here. Pensioners up to the age of 80 can also benefit from our quick loans.

In difficult cases, such as the desire for a Swiss loan without credit bureau, the amount of which exceeds our package offers, our credit experts leave no stone unturned to find an advantageous solution.

  • Quick loans up to 100,000 euros
  • You get the cheapest loan offer of up to 20 banks. Our credit experts will gladly advise you and help you find the right financing partner.

  • Additional credit up to 50,000 euros
  • A loan in parallel with already existing debt or a favorable rescheduling. We are happy to help!

  • Credit for pensioners and civil servants
  • Loans for pensioners or civil servants are possible with us also without age restriction.

  • Loans in difficult cases
  • Loans without credit bureau are possible up to a maximum loan amount of 7,500 euros.


Your Swiss loan from the expert

Your Swiss loan from the expert

Do not leave anything to chance, but rely on a reputable expert when it comes to credit brokerage.

We have been involved in the lending industry for over 45 years. Our name stands for integrity, discretion and unbureaucratic action. Satisfied customers and over 100,000 brokered loans speak for our high service quality. We put our experience and our great know-how at the service of our customers. We ensure that you receive exactly the Swiss loan that is optimally tailored to your wishes and your financial situation.

But convince yourself that we keep what we promise. Apply for your Swiss loan today – free of charge and without obligation – and rely on the expertise of a reputable specialist.