Elenteny Imports Introduces Improved Website Allowing Expanded Service to Importers and Distributors

Elenteny Imports, an industry leader in freight forwarding, compliance and logistics for importers of wine, spirits and beer, today announced the launch of its newly enhanced website, adding several updates. updates and resources to its site to become a hub of industry knowledge.

Striving to always provide an exceptional level of service to liquor importers and distributors, Elenteny Imports continues to demonstrate its commitment to the industry. In 2020, they exclusively launched the new Seattle Less than Container Load (LCL) line, helping hundreds of its customers take full advantage of frequent LCL shipments to minimize disruption, optimize warehouse space and maximize cash flow without tying up funds for non-essential inventory. during times of trouble. Now, Elenteny Imports is taking it a step further by enhancing its website to share valuable information on supply chain disruptions and solutions, guides on navigating the complexities of the three-tier system, and more.

“With ongoing supply chain challenges, it is crucial that importers of wine, spirits and beer have accurate and up-to-date information at their fingertips. We want to be an industry resource so our customers can adapt to ongoing disruptions, preserve business continuity and increase operational performance,” said Alexi Cashen, CEO of Elenteny Imports.

New enhancements to the Elenteny Imports website include:

As an extension of the Elenteny Imports site, stay on top of trends and hear some of the industry’s most innovative voices through the Alexi Cashen podcast, including the soon-to-be-released exclusive interview with Carlos de Jesus, Chief Operating Officer at APCOR – the Portuguese Cork Association.

About Elenteny Imports

Founded in 2010, Elenteny Imports is a B2B logistics company serving US importers and wine, beer and spirits brands looking for a modern approach to alcohol distribution in the United States. Elenteny helps hundreds of businesses navigate the three-tier system to easily expand their market reach, ensuring every detail from initial order to final sale, allowing importers and brands to focus on what matters to them. grows: supply and sales. For more information, please visit http://www.elentenyimports.com

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