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Much like the way humans have bones to support the body and help shape its shape, websites, when laid bare, are made up of wire structures that guide their structure and indicate where content should be placed. . An integral part of the design process, wireframes define how design elements and the content should be organized on screen, allowing designers to determine whether a page or application is actually usable and functional.

And while wireframes can be done with a simple piece of paper and a pen, digital designers often rely on complex tools to form layouts for their projects. Those without the design know-how may find it difficult to do the same as these tools are difficult to use. The good news is that there is an app specifically designed to simplify wireframing. Corded Zen Pro is dubbed “the easiest wireframing tool,” making it easy for anyone to create wireframes for apps, websites, or any project that requires user interface planning. You can purchase a lifetime subscription to the program for an additional 20% discount with the code CYBER20.

Zen Wireframe Pro comes with over 58 pre-made component wireframe tools, so you just need to drag and drop them to compose a mobile wireframe or website mockup in just a few minutes. You won’t have to start from scratch when working on a project, as there are already elements you can play with.

While the typical wireframe process takes hours, Zen Wireframe Pro is optimized for speed and dramatically reduces the time it would take you to complete your wireframes. Navigating the software is also straightforward, thanks to the intuitive interface that allows anyone, even non-designers, to create wireframes quickly and easily. The design elements are also intentionally kept low fidelity to ensure that viewers understand the early stages of the design and not to distract them with other visual components.

Zen Wireframe Pro is currently rated 5 out of 5 stars on AppSumo.com. Find out why by purchasing a lifetime subscription for only $ 52 (MSRP $ 1080) with code CYBER20.

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