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ABOVE: Fairmont High School’s weight room renovation is nearing completion. The remodel was made possible through the disbursement of COVID relief funds and includes new equipment and ventilation.

FAIRMONT– While teachers and students at Fairmont High School are away for the summer, district facility staff are hard at work preparing for the return of students in the fall.

“A lot of people ask what you do? Do you have summer like other staff? No, it’s our busy time” said Buildings and Grounds Manager Tyler Garrison.

Each summer, district employees perform comprehensive maintenance at Fairmont Schools and work on dozens of building improvement projects.

“Our custodians roam the entire building and clean every classroom from ceiling light fixtures all the way down. They scrub all the furniture, remove everything from the room, redo the floors, then put everything back. Every place in every building is covered and cleaned,” Garrison said.

Beginning in the spring and continuing through the summer, Garrison has 175 projects spread across the district that he hopes to have completed before classes resume. So far, about 80 of them have been completed.

One of the largest projects underway is the construction of a new vehicle storage shed located at the north end of the high school campus. The hangar will contain six vehicle bays, four of which will accommodate vehicles used to transport students and staff to events and activities. The remaining bays will be used to store a restoration vehicle and a technological maintenance vehicle.

Other projects underway at the high school include the completion of the visitors bleachers and press box at the football stadium, a storage building for the automotive workshop, the addition of handicapped accessible doors at the entrance main hall, the redesign of the horseshoe pits and the installation of stopwatches in the gymnasium. .

While Garrison anticipates nearly all of the district’s projects will be complete by the time students return in the fall, material shortages and logistical challenges have complicated some processes.

“For most of the plumbing repairs we do, I can place an order and will only get a partial order (delivered), and it takes three or four months for me to receive some parts. It was very tricky that way. Our cleaning supplies and all of our paper products which I (order) once a year and I usually order them well before summer starts so they’re in place and we know they’re there (at time) as we have had issues with obtaining these items in the past with COVID. I think things revolve around,” Garrison said.

The installation of projects in the high school, made possible thanks to ESSER State funds, is continuing. The weight room renovation is nearing completion while the science classroom has received new hookups for the instructors and is being painted. The new furniture in the common area, as well as the new light fixtures for the science classroom are still under construction.

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