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If you test positive for COVID-19 this week, it’s your responsibility to make sure you vote in Saturday’s federal election.

Australian Electoral Commissioner Tom Rogers said while the elections are in-person community events, changes have been made to deal with the pandemic.

“We are considering the pandemic in many aspects of running elections, including options for COVID-19 positive voters in isolation,” Rogers said.

“If you test positive today or in the next few days, you will be isolated until the polls close on Saturday and you will have to request a postal vote.

Postal ballot applications are open until 6 p.m. Wednesday and available at aec.gov.au/pva

Nominations should only be submitted by voters who have no other voting options.

“It will mainly be people who have tested positive for COVID-19, who have not yet voted and who will not come out of isolation until after Election Day,” Rogers said.

Already around 2.5 million mail-in ballot requests have been received, compared to 1.5 million in the previous federal election in 2019.

The counting of postal votes will begin in the afternoon of May 22, the day after election day.

Telephone voting

Those who test positive from May 19 can apply to the AEC to vote by telephone.

This is the same service offered to blind or visually impaired people and registration can be done via the AEC.

Telephone voters will receive a registration number and choose a PIN to then call and vote.

Unlike voters who are blind or visually impaired, people with COVID will not have the ballot read to them.

Instead, they will need to check the ballots on the AEC website and make their voting decisions before calling.

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