“Government application will be made compulsory in all restaurants”


Roundtable lawmaker Michael Tien said he learned that authorities plan to make use of the government’s LeaveHomeSafe Covid app mandatory when visiting any type of restaurant, as part of efforts to to persuade the mainland to end the quarantine for visitors to Hong Kong.

While some restaurants already have the rule of the application, others allow diners to provide their personal information in paper form and some have no entry requirements at all, depending on the opening hours of a restaurant. location, the number of people seated at the same table and the vaccination status of staff and clients.

But Tien, a local deputy from the National People’s Congress, told RTHK on Tuesday that mandatory use of the LeaveHomeSafe app could go into effect at all restaurants as early as mid-November, adding that mainland officials are hoping that the The app may be something they can rely on to track down all Hong Kongers infected with Covid who cross the border.

“Mainland wants to see LeaveHomeSafe as the key device to find people in Hong Kong, who end up testing positive [for Covid-19], where they have been for the past 14 days, “he said.

Tien said the app could help authorities find out whether mainland Hong Kong people were in the same location in the SAR as an infected person.

He added that he expects that by the end of the year there will be a limited quota per day to allow people to travel to the mainland without the need for quarantine.

The Food and Health Bureau said the government regularly reviews anti-Covid measures and will announce any new arrangements, including the use of the LeaveHomeSafe app, in due course.

This week, use of the app became mandatory in government buildings, including wet markets, libraries and public hospitals.

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