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The Henry County District Attorney’s Office has streamlined the case restriction process with the rollout of a new website that helps process requests faster and for free.

The District Attorney recently launched the new website with an online portal for case restriction.

Under Georgia law, certain criminal records can be removed from the criminal record if the charges were dismissed, not prosecuted or if the offender has served their sentence under first offender or parole laws.

“Applicants can now go online and apply to see if they are eligible for the case restriction,” Henry County District Attorney Darius Pattillo said. “It makes the process easier, faster and free. It allows those individuals who qualify the ability to move forward so that they can pursue employment and educational opportunities.

Individuals can see if they are eligible by completing a free application at https://henrycountyda.org/record-restrictions/.

Previously, individuals had to complete paper applications in person at multiple county offices and pay a fee.
Pattillo has also assigned a prosecutor and an administrative assistant to review the applications.

In addition, the new site includes information about the District Attorney’s Victim Services Program, staff, news, and other community resources.

For more information, visit https://henrycountyda.org/.

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