How Technology Helps Lawyers Win Lawsuits

Technology is a blessing and lawyers can now take advantage of it to solve various cases.

Today, technology is part of most industries. It has evolved a lot, to the point that everyone benefits from it in one way or another. Just as technology can help in many aspects of our daily lives, it can also help lawyers win cases. Even legal practice has started to rely heavily on technology, and if a lawyer doesn’t use the tools available, they risk falling behind.

A client’s greatest interest is to have a lawyer capable of winning his case. So if you’re in this situation, you’ll want to hire a lawyer who knows the tech world well. But how exactly can a lawyer win a case using technology? This article will introduce a few ways.

  1. Electronic filing

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of technology in the legal field is being able to file electronically. This aspect has completely changed the way documents are received from a court and how they are filed.

Now lawyers no longer have to worry about rummaging through briefcases and cabinets to find the documents they need. Organizing fillings in a crate is easier and much faster thanks to computers. They have the ability to create folders on behalf of the client and store all the necessary material there. Then they can also segregate all filings into different litigation stages like pre-trial motions, objections, and all others.

What’s even better is that lawyers can meet deadlines, no matter how strict. In addition, documents are less likely to get lost. As a lawyer, you will no longer misplace documents or store them among hundreds of other papers. They will be stored electronically and will be much easier to find with a simple search.

  1. Use social media to search for evidence

Using social media can be a blessing, but for some people it’s a curse, especially if someone else digs until they find controversial stuff. Lawyers can now use this method to find incriminating evidence against the other party.

Some people are unaware that it is very easy to access these details and that this information and their privacy settings can jeopardize their case.

In Virginia, where the violent crime rate was 208.0 per 100,000 population in 2019, this feature comes in handy. By hiring a Virginia criminal defense attorney, a person may end up finding that the other party was posting incriminating material on their profile. This could prove that the crime was premeditated or could lead to further discoveries. Social media can really help solve cases.

  1. Have access to information and features

Technology has led to the creation of various legal programs or tools that keep lawyers informed. Lawyers can now access specific case law decisions using a computer. Doing this the traditional way would have taken forever.

Lawyers can now find what they need faster using programs such as Westlaw and Lexis Nexis. The programs will allow them to research different cases. Without using these tools, any attorney trying to litigate will have a hard time winning appeals, writing motions, or understanding the legal issue.

This is all the more true since the courts tend to rely on lines and precedents of jurisprudential opinions which demonstrate the universal correctness of a legal position.

As a lawyer, it will be easy for you to browse hundreds of thousands of federal and state opinions. It will be like using Google.

Additionally, technology gives lawyers access to news, which is important because they need to keep up with political trends. These can influence litigation, so if lawyers want to increase their chances of winning the case, they need to know what is happening in the country and around the world.

  1. Mobile phone use

    The NSA’s “Upstream” program intercepts U.S. citizens’ overseas communications, including text messages and emails. Image via ( Listed as “free for commercial use”.

Phones aren’t just useful for calling someone you know. Nowadays, they can also be used by lawyers to take notes, especially notes related to a case. This can be very useful because the lawyer can take notes wherever he is.

Then they can skim through those notes and brainstorm winning strategies as they eat, sit at home, or wait for food in a restaurant.

What’s even better is that lawyers can take advantage of the phone’s recording capabilities to use the audio later and transcribe it to text. In this way, no idea is lost.

  1. Document writing

Writing documents is now also possible thanks to technology. One of the most commonly used programs is Microsoft Word. It is also very easy to use. Many lawyers use it to draft documents, mainly because it offers excellent templates and tools.

In the past, lawyers had to rely on traditional methods. They used word processors, typewriters and handwritten documents. But now they can use Microsoft Word to rehash case law that has already been researched to lay out the contours of a legal defense.

This will allow them to generate new material very quickly. Materials can be saved on the computer’s hard drive, so they can keep track of each case for eternity. What’s best is that they can also come back to those cases and refresh their minds to work on a new question or call.

  1. Use cloud technology

A lawyer can now use the Microsoft One Drive cloud to search for case law. Additionally, if the lawyers travel to another city, the entire law firm can use cloud technology to be able to work together.

Final Thoughts

Technology is a blessing and lawyers can now take advantage of it to solve various cases. Whether you’re already a lawyer or thinking about becoming one, it’s important to know how technology can save your life or make your job easier. Social media, cloud technology, and legal programs are just a few things that can make your job as a lawyer easier.

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