How to DM on Instagram site

Access the Instagram DM menu

Instagram is designed to be used on your cell phone, and on your phone, that’s fine. You can post photos and recordings, find new crafters and photography artists to follow, and even send direct messages to your companions.

Nevertheless, the work area variant of Instagram – as such, the Instagram render you access via the web program on your PC or PC – doesn’t have to put all that into play as much. You can, in any case, see the posts of the people you follow, as well as search for new people to follow, however, you cannot post anything on your own, nor send direct messages.

You can’t do these things naturally anyway. There really is a method to send direct messages on Instagram from your PC. If you use Safari or Google Chrome, this will include using something many call an engineering menu.

This is the way to get there.

Instructions for sending DMs on Instagram from PC

Modify your web program to work like a phone. To send Instagram DMs from our PC, we’ll design our web program to look like a cellphone screen.

If you’re on Mac and using Safari…

1. Go to and log into your account.

2. Click on “Safari” in the menu bar at the highest point of your screen.

3. Select “Inclinations”, then go to the “High level” tab towards the end.

4. At the bottom of the Advanced menu, check the box “Show Develop menu in menu bar”. Once checked, you can close the Preferences menu.

5. Click on “Create” in the menu bar.

6. Go back to “Client Agent” and from the menu that appears, select the choice that has “iPhone” near the end. There should only be one, near the highest point in the menu.

This will change Safari’s presence to mirror the program of an iPhone.

If you’re on a PC and using Google Chrome…

1. Once again, log in to

2. Right-click anywhere on the screen and select “Assess”.

3. A huge window will appear on the right half of the screen, loaded with code. At the highest point of this menu, click on the small symbol that looks like a phone in front of a tablet, so it turns blue. This is the “Switch Device Toolbar” button. In the small toolbar that at this time appears at the top of the Instagram page, make sure that the leftmost word says “Responsive”.

4. Relaunch the page.

5. Once relaunched, you can close the Inspector window – just click the X in its upper right corner.

As with Safari, this will change your Chrome program to look like an iPhone screen.

Access the Instagram DM menu

When your program is designed, the easy route of immediate messages will appear in the upper right corner of the Instagram home screen – it looks like a paper plane.

Like the multipurpose variant, you can browse and reply to your past messages, connect pictures, or start another chat by tapping the form button at the top right of the DM screen.

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