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Prince Andrew could face ‘arriving bailiffs’

PRINCE Andrew faces bailiffs showing up at his home – the £30million Royal Lodge to seize his assets – if he loses his sex trial, a lawyer has warned.

It has previously been claimed he sold his £17million ski chalet in the Swiss Alps to avoid foreclosure if he loses the case.

And although his house, the Royal Lodge, was not his, he could see officers of the court showing up at the gates.

Lawyer Arick Fudali, who worked closely with Epstein victims for Lisa Bloom’s firm, said Andrew risked having his assets seized if he lost.

“There is a method and a procedure to seize assets, even offshore assets, in the event that damages are awarded and the defendant tries to avoid paying,” he told The Sun Online.

“This could include seizure of bank accounts, physical property, etc.

“Assuming, for the purposes of this question, that there is an award of damages against Prince Andrew, he would be able to avoid seizure of the assets by posting bail pending the inevitable appeal.

“Assuming the appeal is in favor of Ms Giuffre, Prince Andrew would either have to pay the amount owed, settle the case for another amount, or risk having his assets seized.”

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