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Minister Sudhakar said it would cost Rs 3,000 to 4,000 for a one-hour session in hyperbaric chambers in private hospitals, but the government plans to provide this treatment free of charge to Victoria Hospital for the benefit of patients. poor. (Express photo)

Victoria Hospital gets a hyperbaric oxygen unit, a first for a government facility in Karnataka

Karnataka Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar on Monday inaugurated the first hyperbaric oxygen chamber in a state government facility at Victoria Hospital in Bengaluru. Settled at Rs 3.5 crore, the chamber is an airtight room which is pressurized with pure oxygen to treat certain infections and conditions such as carbon monoxide poisoning, gangrene and stubborn wounds.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) subjects patients to higher pressures (up to 3 times normal atmospheric pressure at sea level). A doctor working with Victoria Hospital said it decreases edema (swelling) as it stimulates better circulation. “Fluids accumulated inside the body can move through the body to be filtered and eliminated. When tissues become hyperoxygenated by HBOT treatment, they become saturated with oxygen known to stimulate healing,” he said. he declares.

PSI recruitment scam: Karnataka CID summons Cong MLA Priyank Kharge

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) investigating irregularities in the recruitment of Police Sub-Inspectors (PSI) has summoned Congressman Priyank Kharge to appear before it with evidence, the Minister of Police said on Monday. Interior Araga Jnanendra.

However, the Congressional State Unit ordered Kharge not to appear for the exam.

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