Launch of a new website for garage sales in the Evansville area

It’s garage sale season, and if you want to find as many as you can, or get yours out there, there’s a new tool you can use to easily find them in the Evansville area.

We all know people who get up early on summer weekends to do local garage sales. They will spend the whole day going from garage sale to garage sale. Sometimes they come back with great finds, other times they go home empty-handed. However, the thrill of going to those yard sales and never knowing what you might find is worth it for those people.

Garage sales have gone from posting a sign at the end of the road advertising dates, times and locations, to being able to post them on social media so people can save and log in during the weekend. While this is a great way to find garage sales happening in your area, you still may not be able to find all of the ones that are happening. Now there’s a new website for people to find and post garage sales, making it easier for people to locate all garage sales in the Evansville area on a particular day.

Evansville Yard Sales

A new website, Evansville Yard Sales, has just been launched to help residents of Evansville and the surrounding area promote and find yard sales. According to a Facebook post by Mark Murry:

The website allows you to put your address and yard sale dates in a form and have them on the map/list. For garage sale hunters, this will give you a quick map/list of all reported garage sales in Evansville.

Mark tells me that the website he created is currently in place for Vanderburgh, Warrick and Posey counties. So if you are having a garage sale in one of these counties, visit the website, enter your garage sale address, the first day of your garage/yard sale, the last day of the sale, as well as the start and end time of each day of sale. It will then be uploaded to the map/list of garage sales in the area. Oh, and did I mention this is a free tool that locals can use?

Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

I asked Mark what sparked this idea and he replied:

I am a member of the board of directors of a neighborhood association with the UNOE. We were discussing garage sales and how we can let everyone know where they’ll all be in our neighborhood. I developed the idea and thought it was really a need for the community as a whole. I hope it takes off. It’s hard trying to find multiple places to get information on garage sales and an all-inclusive map which I found to be very useful (as well as a simple list).

So give the website a try if you’re looking for garage sales this weekend, or plan to host one yourself. It’s very easy to use and submit your garage sale too! You can view it by clicking here.

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