Minebea Intec Launches New Website to Educate Industry on Weighing and Inspection Technologies

Minebea Intec has put the user at the center of its website relaunch: improved usability, intuitive navigation and modern features ensure that potential customers can go straight to their ideal solution. The new website provides an important foundation and ensures that the digital portfolio of the leading provider of weighing and inspection solutions is presented in its best light.

The new website is a great example of the evolution of Minebea Intec’s digital offering. With its clear user navigation and smart features, the website ensures that the entire portfolio of weighing, inspection, service and software solutions can be explored with just a few clicks. Users can not only access information through the website, but can also calculate relevant cost factors such as return on investment or potential savings for themselves using online calculators. The smart product finder, a prime example of the intuitive user experience offered by the new site, is sure to be of particular interest to website visitors.

The product finder: discover the perfect solution in just three clicks

Minebea Intec supplies products to a wide variety of industries, ranging from the food and beverage industry to pharmaceutical groups, logistics and construction companies. This diversity requires a full range of products. Information on these thousands of different weighing, inspection and support software products and their variants can be accessed on the company’s website. The Product Finder tool has now been created to ensure that website visitors can narrow down the wide variety of products to find the perfect fit quickly and reliably. Three clicks are enough for the tool to offer visitors all the possible options, it’s as simple as that. The user begins by selecting the type of application he is interested in, such as weighing, counting or detection of foreign bodies. They can then further refine the selection by selecting the required product type, which results in matching products being displayed directly. The results can be further narrowed using the large number of filtering options, such as certificates, capabilities or accuracy classes.

Tangible expertise: Weighing & Inspection Wiki, webinars and Best Practices

Minebea Intec has over 170 years of experience in industrial weighing and inspection technology and this wealth of knowledge is reflected primarily in its innovative products and technologies. In order to provide customers with useful explanations of specialized terms, Minebea Intec has now provided a new platform on its website in the form of the Weighing and Inspection Wiki, which discusses the company’s accumulated expertise from practical way and presents it in an easily understandable way. form. Users can either use this tool to search for specific keywords or browse categories. Minebea Intec also offers a large number of free webinars on its website for its users: more than 25 training sessions are currently accessible free of charge via video on demand and these are constantly being supplemented. The webinars cover topics such as digital silo and tank weighing, how to avoid disruptive influences on weighing results and how to save production processes in a compact format.

In addition to webinars, there are many white papers and how-to guides on the website. These documents, which are free to download, provide in-depth information allowing users to access expert knowledge in a clearly presented format. Best practices from customer projects show how this knowledge is used in practice. From metal detecting to changing weather conditions and high-speed checkweighing, best practices show how Minebea Intec lives up to its claim to be “the true measure” with high-accuracy solutions. Through more than 34 reference projects, Minebea Intec demonstrates how it has tackled a wide range of tasks with practical solutions. Their practical orientation makes these reference projects an ideal tool to show potential customers how weighing and inspection technologies could be useful for their application.

“We developed the new website entirely from the customer’s point of view with a particular focus on an optimized user journey and experience”, proudly says Willy-Sebastian Metzger, Chief Marketing Officer. “We want to make it as easy as possible for potential customers. In addition to new offerings such as a Weighing and Inspection Wiki and many application reports, we have also implemented a Product Finder, and a lot of work and expertise has gone into this. . We hope this will provide our customers and prospects with a tool that will allow them to find exactly the weighing or inspection solution they need with just a few clicks,” says Metzger of the impressive user experience of the new website. With this project, Minebea Intec impressively proves that the customer is not only at the center of its concerns during product development, but also in the creation of its digital offers.

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