New ‘Watchtower’ website to examine Ron DeSantis donor relations

A new control is promised to the governor. Ron DeSantis and its close ties to some of the country’s wealthiest people, who are also among its biggest donors.

DeSantis Watcha collaboration between Florida Watch and Progress Florida, is rolling out a new Watchtower website billed as an “aggressive general election accountability scheme” aimed at the governor.

“No politician in the country spends more time abandoning the people he was elected to serve in order to further his own personal ambitions than Ron DeSantis,” said DeSantis Watch communications director. Anders Croy.

“With the full launch of, we are proud to provide Floridians with the original resources they need to help hold Ron accountable for his failure as governor of our state. Now is the time to fight back, and DeSantis Watch is dedicated to ending Ron’s rise on the political ladder in November. »

The material will be in English and Spanish and will include “videos, graphics and original research that highlight all the ways Ron DeSantis’ relentless focus on his own personal ambition and drive to bid his billionaire and of its corporate donors are fueling the ongoing affordability crisis facing Floridians.

Two articles are already on the site, offering a sampling of the vaunted original research.

“Ron’s warm relationship with the real estate and finance industries,” posted August 19 draw a direct line between donor relations and the unfettered market forces that have driven prices up in recent years, raising average rents by more than 40%, house prices by more than 63% and property insurance rates more than double what they were under the previous government. Rick Scott.

“Ron’s Top 10 Billionaire Pals and Ultra-Wealthy Donors” offers a similar reading of how DeSantis’ dealings with transactional plutocrats drove his political machine.

“A DeSantis Watch review of campaign contributions available in public records shows that of the governor’s top 10 individual donors, those based outside of Florida contributed $24 million compared to $12.6 million for those in the ‘State’, says the scan. Familiar names like Robert Bigelow, Ken Griffin and Ike Perlmutterall multi-million dollar donors, are under renewed scrutiny here.

The videos synthesize much of this message. “Ron’s Presidential Tourjuxtaposes a jet-set governor “focused on his political ambitions” with the affordability crisis in the state.

“Ron DeSantis cares about one thing and one thing only: himself,” the trip video claimed.

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