News from Crown, Machinex and more

The International Recycling Bureau (BIR) published a report on global recycling of paper and cardboard in 2020.

Circulate capitalan investment company focused on reducing marine plastics, announcement that its first investment recipient, Indonesian recycling company Tridi Oasis, has formed a joint venture with a global recycling company ALBA Asia Group, marking Circulate Capital’s first successful exit. Also, Circulate announced it provided additional funding enable companies based in India Lucro triple its capacity to recycle hard-to-handle flexible plastic packaging.

Aluminum and steel can producer Crown published its 2021 sustainability report.

Recycling Equipment Supplier Machinex reported a record second quarter, with the signing of several notable contracts for the delivery of sorting systems in 2023.

The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) board of directors approved the association’s five-year strategic plan.

Cardboard manufacturer TetraPak published its 2021 sustainability report.

Non-profit organizations Texan by nature and Texans for clean water put a video contest for all high school students in El Paso County, Texas as part of the group’s pilot PET Community Recycling Program in El Paso.

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