North Bay: start of the annual toilet paper collection

While most people think of buying non-perishable items for food banks, officials say toilet paper is also still needed.

“The thing is, a lot of people have to decide what they’re going to get. We’re on a budget, so it’s good that we don’t have to spend all the money on toilet paper, so we can buy some food with that,” said Peter Haddow, the food bank coordinator at St. Andrews Church.

TP North Bay aims to collect 27,000 rolls of toilet paper for the city’s 14 food banks by the end of the campaign next month.

“Two years ago we made 26 (thousand rolls of toilet paper), last year we made 21 (thousand rolls of toilet paper). The need of people, those who are unemployed, those who need the food bank, the need is there so we put it at 27 (thousand rolls of toilet paper). If we hit it, fabulous,” said campaign chair Ellen Faulkner.

Thanks to the generosity of the North Bay community and corporate donors, Faulkner told CTV News she thinks it can happen.

“The North Bay community is always 100% engaged in one way or another at the end of the day,” she said.

“Last year we wanted to get 20,000 (toilet rolls) and two weeks before we weren’t even at 10,000. Panic. But then the toilet paper comes out. It shows itself.”

TP North Bay will be collecting donations at most grocery stores across the city through May 30.

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