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San Francisco: The My Verizon app reportedly collects information about users’ browsing history, location, apps, and contacts.

According to the new Inputmag website, the “Verizon Custom Experience Program” is presented to users as a way for the company to personalize communications with users and also to give more relevant product and service recommendations.

The program has two different options that appear in the app, Custom Experience and Custom Experience Plus. The Custom Experience Option is a lite version of Custom Experience Plus and, as Verizon describes in the app, it helps Verizon “personalize” its “communication with you”.

Custom Experience Plus is said to help Verizon provide users with a more “personalized” experience. However, it not only uses information about the websites and apps that a user visits on a smartphone, but it also uses “device location” as well as “phone numbers to help Verizon” better understand your interests ”.

“We do not share your personally identifiable information outside of Verizon as part of these programs, except with service providers who work for us. These service providers are required to use the information only for the purposes defined by Verizon and not for their own or others. for marketing or advertising purposes, ”Verizon claims on its website.

To turn off the personalized experience completely, simply open the My Verizon app, then click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then scroll down and select “Manage privacy settings” under the “Preferences” heading.

On the next page you will find the deactivation of “Personalized Experience” and “Personalized Experience Plus. To clear information that Verizon has already collected through the program, tap “Personalized experience settings” and tap “Reset.”

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