Research shows how iMumz pregnancy app helps pregnant women and babies in the womb stay healthy

A recent research paper titled “Mindful Digital Program-based Interventions and their Role in Pregnancy and Fetal Outcomes” revealed the impact of the iMumz app on mother and baby. Research shows how iMumz pregnancy app affects baby’s health, happiness and intelligence. The research was conducted on 512 pregnant women for the first time. One group were expectant mothers without any intervention while the other group spent 20 minutes per day in the iMumz Baby Care program for 20 weeks.

Research shows that iMumz users had 20% more birth weight with an average of 3.1 kg compared to 2.5 kg for non-iMumz users. It is important to know that a baby with a low birth weight is prone to problems such as respiratory distress syndrome, bleeding in the brain, and problems with the retina of the eye.

Research also shows a 67% reduction in stress levels with iMumz meditations. It states that at 35 weeks gestation, stress levels in iMumz users were 67% lower than in non-iMumz users.

According to the research, 75% of iMumz users said that the activities offered on the app helped stimulate the baby’s movements in the womb. About 70 percent of iMumz babies were found to be calmer, attentive, active, and less cranky by caregivers. Click here to read the full research.

During the research, mothers answered medical questionnaires about their emotional state during pregnancy, stress and sleep levels, breastfeeding, sense of control, and their observations of the baby.

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