scert: Scert practice documents now on website | Pune News

Pune: The State Council for Educational Research and Training has posted practice questions for students of Std X and XII this week on its official website.
The State Council for Educational Research and Training (SCERT) and the Maharashtra State Council for Secondary and Tertiary Education have also posted the list of counselors for students online.
“Thematic question papers have been developed by SCERT and made available at Students should take advantage of it. These sets of questions are intended to help students practice each subject before the exam, self-study and build confidence before taking the exam,” said Mr. Devender Singh, Director of the SCERT. Singh added that students taking board exams can call counselors for advice and guidance.
A control room has been set up within the state council and all divisional councils to provide necessary guidance to students, parents and concerned persons regarding the specified format of the council examination and all special measures taken by the council. “The helpline is provided by the control room as well as counselors/advisors appointed by the board to counsel students regarding the exam,” the state board’s notification reads.

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