The ‘Oun’ application to help sorting at source, promote recycling

Doha: To improve the government’s source waste sorting program, the Municipality Ministry is adding a new feature to its mobile app to guide people to the nearest point for waste disposal for recycling.

“The mobile app ‘Oun’ will enable citizens and expatriates to dispose of waste to support recycling practices in the country for sustainability and environmental protection,” said Muqbil Madhour Al Shammari, director of the department. general of cleanliness at the Ministry of the Municipality.

Speaking on a Radio Qatar show, he said that hygiene is one of the main indicators to measure the civilization of any nation. “Sorting waste at the source is part of general cleanliness that brings many economic and environmental benefits, such as reducing a large amount of waste to landfill, ensuring sustainability and conservation goals. ‘Qatar National Vision 2030 environment,’ said Al Shammari.

He said the decision to sort solid waste, which was released last week by Municipality Minister HE Dr Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Subaie will support the source waste sorting program and promote recycling in the country.

“The most important point of the decision is that it defines solid waste, recyclable materials and reusable materials such as papers, plastic bottles, glasses and cans.” He said the decision came in support of a source waste sorting program that was launched in 2019 for the use of recyclable materials by the community. “It also coincides with the activities of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 which encourages recycling practices,” said Al Shammari.

He added that awareness campaigns started in 2018, encouraging people to recycle waste. “This decision will strengthen the recycling dynamic, involving all members of the community, including citizens and expatriates. “

Last week, the Minister of the Municipality issued a ministerial decision regarding the sorting of solid waste, obliging businesses, institutions, commercial and residential complexes, hotel establishments, public commercial, industrial and similar stores and operators of buildings, except houses, to provide and use an appropriate number of containers for sorting the waste resulting from their activities.

They were also asked to dispose of waste in two types of containers according to specifications – recyclables in the blue container and residual (organic) waste in the gray container.

Recyclable waste is material that can be reused or recycled, such as paper, plastic, iron and glass. Residual waste is waste or material that is treated and permanently disposed of, such as food residues and cleaning products.

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