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Rapid antigenic testing is on its way to becoming the 2022 equivalent of toilet paper. Remember when the toilet roll was the hot ticket when the pandemic started when lockdowns were a thing? Now, with the name of the game “personal responsibility” and test queues for the heavier, more reliable PCR, RATs are where they are at. Many people have taken to Facebook groups to share where they spotted the highly sought after tests available, and it is changing by the minute. But there is an easier way. is a live map showing where you can find a quick antigen test and what the stock levels look like at each particular store in your area. Simply enter your zip code and adjust the map view with the focus tool in the upper left corner to discover one of three options: in stock, low stock out of stock. RELATED CONTENT: Rapid Antigenic Tests are in High Demand. Users can add their own reports to keep it up to date, and in return all the creator wants is a donation equivalent to a cup of coffee, although the use of the site is free. Another similar site is the COVID Test Researcher with a list of drive-thru or walk-test clinics by zip code. Also new: we depend on subscription income to support our journalism. If you can, subscribe here. If you are already a subscriber, thank you for your support.


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