This eco-friendly pregnancy test is made entirely from paper

Hoopsy creator Lara Solomon was inspired to design an eco-friendly alternative to plastic testing after a journey with IVF and embryo donation procedures that required her to use “countless” numbers.

The Hoopsy test comes in a cardboard tube that can be easily recycled or reused. Inside is a soft plastic pouch containing a strip of paper that incorporates the same technology found in typical tests, which measures levels of human chorionic gonadotropin in urine.

After 5-10 minutes of waiting, one or two lines indicating a result will appear. Once this is read, users can cut the test in half with scissors to discard the test strip and dispose of the clean half in paper recycling bins.

Of course, with new models, there are always concerns about the effectiveness of the product. But trials have proven that Hoopsy performs just as well as traditional tests, with over 99% accuracy. It is now sold in the UK, Europe and soon in Australia.

Unlike most other sustainable solutions, customers won’t have to shell out extra money to reduce their impact on the planet.

Hoopsy comes in packs containing 1 to 10 tests and is offered at the same price as those found in most pharmacies.

Other companies are working to reduce the need for plastic in testing methods, such as a biodegradable pregnancy test called Lia and Morrama’s paper Covid tests.

Although single-use products are pretty much necessary in most areas of health and personal care, it’s encouraging to see that plastic isn’t the only option we have.

And thanks to entrepreneurs and design companies, it looks like we’ll be phasing out plastic more often in small but impactful ways.

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