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Employment scam in TPSC, irregularity in appointment of principal in public colleges

By our correspondent

Agartala, September 8, 2022

The Tripura Public Service Commission (TPSC) has been accused of widespread and unprecedented corruption in the recruitment of principals for 21 colleges. all paper submissions from eligible candidates for these senior positions. But in a short time, the number of people capable of invisible magic increased to 14. Some TPSC officials and powerful political circles eventually forced some ineligible jobseekers to get jobs.

It has already aroused a lot of anger and surprise in the circles concerned. According to a reliable source, 14 associate professors have been declared “eligible” for the post of director, allegedly on the recommendation of the ruling party leaders. But initially, with the exception of three people, all the names were written on the results sheet and next to the serial number, the words “not eligible” were written. It may be mentioned here that the women’s college is the only one among the university colleges in the state to have a designated principal. According to informed sources, this is the worst TPSC scam after the dark chapter that tainted the recruitment of TCS/TPS agents in 1998.

It is reported that for the recruitment of government graduate school principals, TPSC received only 20 applications based on notification number 9/2022 on March 31 this year. After review, only three qualified for the interview. In practice, TPSC authorities took a 180-degree turn and declared fourteen people eligible without following UGC standards.

The TPSC board was forced to ignore all the rules and call the remaining fourteen for an interview out of the twenty candidates. For this, on September 6, a new list was published in the name of fourteen candidates eligible for an interview. We tried to get the statement from TPSC President Alind Rastogi, retired IFS, and Secretary Nirmal Adhikari, TCS 1998, but no one picked up the phone.

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