UPSC Essentials: One Word A Day – NeVA

Take a look at the essential concepts, terms and phenomena of the static and current parts of the UPSC-CSE.

Word: NeVA

Subject: Policy and Governance

(Relevance: high value for Prelims, Mains GS II)

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Why in the news?

—Recently, a delegation of MPs from Gujarat visited the Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh to learn about the new e-Vidhan system for paperless procedures which was recently adopted by the State Assembly of Uttar Pradesh. ‘UP.

What is NeVA?

—National e-Vidhan App (NeVA) is a system for digitizing legislative bodies of all Indian States and Parliament through a single platform where House Proceedings, Starred/Unstarred Questions and Answers will be available , commission reports, etc.

—Nagaland became the first state to implement NeVA, in March this year.

Why is NeVA being introduced?

—The NeVA system was developed to make all the work and data relating to legislative bodies available online for the use of citizens and members of the Assemblies. It includes a website and a mobile application.

“There has been a shift towards digitalization in recent years by the government. Prime Minister Narendra Modi floated the idea of ​​a “One Nation One Legislative Platform” in November 2021.

“This was done to streamline information relating to various state assemblies and to eliminate the use of paper in day-to-day operation. Its website states, “Several thousand tons of paper would be saved, helping to save thousands of trees every year.”

Point to ponder: What are the challenges with NeVA?

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