Website cites 2030 date for release of Tubman’s $20 bill

In an internal department message for Black History Month, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen took the opportunity to reaffirm the goal of making the U.S. currency more inclusive and comprehensive than its historic precedents. .

A copy of the February text was allegedly acquired by the blog. He claimed in a 4th of July article that contrary to internet speculation, Harriet Tubman’s $20 bill was slated for a 2030 rollout. The website specializes in covering science and technology news.

The secretary reportedly said, “We know that putting Dr. [Maya] Angelou on the quarter is just the beginning of the work ahead to ensure our currency and coins reflect the full diversity of this country, including placing Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill.

An announcement that a portrait of Harriet Tubman would replace that of Andrew Jackson on the Federal Reserve’s $20 bill was made at the end of President Barack Obama’s second term. The public expectation following this announcement from Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew was that the designs for the note would be revealed quickly. No such public unveiling has taken place, and at least several years will likely pass before the designs are unveiled.

Explaining the delay and citing other general sources, the Venturejolt website detailed why Maya Angelou’s quarters could be created in months, but a new memo takes years, attributing it to safety standards. of the Advanced Counterfeiting Deterrence Steering Committee. When new banknotes are created, the website reminds readers that the primary concern is anti-counterfeiting technology, which involves a lengthy process for each denomination. Since banknotes are more complex than coins, this involves more research and development, as well as testing of materials and equipment. The website explained to its readers what collectors already knew: the minting of a coin is done through a completely different process by a different entity, the United States Mint, not the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

All Federal Reserve notes except the $1 and $2 notes are supposed to be overhauled by 2034. The $1 note cannot be overhauled due to a Congressional mandate; the $2 bill can be updated if needed.

In 2018, the CAM steering committee indicated that the issue dates for the $5 and $50 notes would be changed due to security threats, but the timing of the FRN $20 Harriet Tubman did not. changed since 2013. Projected release dates for all denominations are: $10, 2026; $5 2028; $20 2030; $50 2032; and $100, 2034.

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