What the Newspaper Say – December 22

Newspapers across the country are circling the news that Christmas celebrations may take place on December 25 despite the rise in Omicron cases.

The Guardian, Metro and The daily telegraph have the latest in the UK potentially locked down for Christmas as Omicron cases continue to rise, signaling that Boris Johnson has ‘promised millions of families that there will be no lockdown this Christmas’. However, restrictions could still be imposed for New Years Eve.

the Daily Express adds that the borders will continue to emerge.

the Daily mail and I are also released with the news that a locked Christmas has been removed for England, adding that if London’s hospitalization figures from Covid remain below 400, no restrictions will be imposed after December 25 either.

the Daily Mirror reports that the Prime Minister’s clarification on the restrictions came too late for pubs and restaurants facing hundreds of cancellations.

The independent says the Cabinet secretary has been accused of misleading officials about what he knew about Christmas parties held in his department during last year’s lockdown.

Elsewhere, the Star of the day says lateral flow testing for Covid is this year’s “go-to toy”.

The temperature leads with Mr Johnson urging the British public to test for Covid before seeing the family on Christmas.

And the Financial Time reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin warns of a military response if NATO and the United States continue their presence near the country’s borders.

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