What the Newspapers Say – March 28

Newspapers on Monday report Russia wants to split Ukraine into two separate countries ‘like Korea’, backlash over US president’s ‘Putin must go’ comments and Duke’s flagging revelations about monarchy’s future and the Duchess of Cambridge on a tour of the Caribbean.

“Putin wants to divide Ukraine”, declare the first pages of The temperaturethe Guardian and Idetailing a warning issued by a Kyiv intelligence chief to Western leaders that Russia wants to split the beleaguered country “into two like Korea”.

the The telegraph of the day and The Financial Times carry the backlash against US President Joe Biden’s “Putin must go” remarks that appeared to call for the Russian leader’s exit, further heightening geopolitical tensions. The US Secretary of State was forced to tone down the President’s remarks and ensure that the United States was not seeking to overthrow the Russian regime.

Subway reports that civilians trapped in the Ukrainian city of Chernihiv have been forced to drink sewage water due to relentless shelling. The city has been constantly bombarded by Russia, residents face starvation, said a Ukrainian MP.

Elsewhere, The Independent writes that the poorest pupils will be left behind by the government’s new plan for schools which has been set out in the new white paper.

the Daily Express carries the Chancellor’s reported plan to cut council tax for “millions of hard-pressed families” amid the cost of living crisis.

During this time, the DailyMirror, The sun and the Daily Mail react to remarks made by the Duke of Cambridge during a tour of the Caribbean. The newspapers write that William wants to “modernize” and “shake up” the monarchy to ensure its survival. His ‘plan’ for the future is expected to include respecting nations that want to become republics, reducing the number of staff employed by Buckingham Palace and scrapping the monarchy’s longstanding ‘never complain, don’t complain’ policy. never explain”.

And the daily star splashes with his take on the P&O scandal after the company laid off 800 UK workers in favor of cheaper labor from overseas.

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