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When was the last time you had to write something down using a good old pen and paper?

In the digital age we live in now, almost everyone takes notes using a numeric keypad or computer keyboard.

Cursive writing isn’t even taught in some schools despite psychologists saying it’s good for the brain and helps us remember things better.

Writing in cursive takes practice. Frankly, who has a pen and paper handy for that? Besides, if you can’t remember how to write the capital S or Q, what good is a piece of paper and the best pen you can find on your desk?

After trying to take notes at a conference a few weeks ago using a pencil and notebook, I thought about honing my handwriting skills in grade 3.

Exercise books for elementary school kids can be found on Amazon for a few dollars, but I decided to look for an app instead.

I found Writey, an iPad-only app that you use with an Apple Pencil.

Writey looks like one of the elementary school exercise books with each section showing the upper and lower case letters of the entire alphabet. Although it also contains worksheets for the Roman alphabet and printed writing, the cursive writing section is very useful.

The app has sections for learning how to keep pen or pencil on paper while you write quickly, section for ABCD, EFGH, IJKL, etc. There is also a section for writing cursive numbers although I don’t remember learning this in elementary school (maybe I missed that day) but cursive numbers look like normal numbers to me. .

Each letter is displayed in a light pencil drawing and you have to write on it to trace what is on the digital paper. Each letter of the alphabet is displayed on lines to prevent you from writing on a real sheet of paper when you are done.

There is also a “More Words” section where you can put all this training into practice to put into practice what you have learned or relearned.

There aren’t many pages in the Writey app, and there’s no way to buy more (Writey is one of the very few apps that doesn’t require a subscription or add-ons).

When it comes to practicing these skills on a tablet with a digital Apple Pencil, I found it wasn’t exactly like writing on paper, but after a few minutes you forget about it (by the way, how many people remember what it feels like to write on paper?).

Writing in cursive takes practice whether you’re 8 or 88, but for adults who sometimes need to jot down something quickly that they can read later, Writey is the closest thing to going back to Grade 3.

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