Woman accidentally orders sex toy from Boots website with family ready for delivery

Embarrassed mum is powerless to stop her family from taking her Click & Collect boots order while she’s away and claims she didn’t put the sex toy in the basket

The woman claims she had no idea how the sex toy ended up in her online order (stock photo)

A horrified woman who claims she has no idea how a racy sex toy ended up in her online shopping cart says her family is about to pick it up while she’s on vacation.

The mum placed her order with Boots to make sure she had a few essentials for her ride home.

After checking that she had ordered enough baby food, she was stunned to see something else on her purchase confirmation – then remembered who would be there to collect it.

The British woman took to Reddit to tell the truth and seek advice.

Captioning her post “I accidentally ordered a dildo and my whole family will be there when I click and collect it” – she received a lot of sympathy but not many helpful ideas with her order already in progress.

She didn’t post what else she ordered from Boots – but it soon became clear


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She explained: “I ordered a large click and collect shop with Boots to get baby food/formula/sunscreen etc. and am picking it up at Boots airport after security to avoid the weight of the luggage.

“My parents and my grandmother are coming with us and we’ve arranged to open the order and pour it into several carrier bags so that we all have little bags of baby stuff, and we have a better chance of be allowed on the plane unless one person has a huge box/bag.

“I just got an email letting me know my order is ready, I scrolled down the list out of curiosity and to remember what I ordered and here it is…a fucking dildo among all the food for babies.

“I was surfing a few weeks ago and had been a little amused at the idea of ​​anonymously buying a sex toy and picking it up from a boot nearby…so I must not have had it removed from my cart.

Now she is waiting to hear her family’s reaction (stock photo)


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“Although halfway through filling my online cart, it declared itself empty, so I had to start over. I definitely didn’t add said dildo back to the order, so god knows how it got there -low !

“Anyway, I wonder who will end up flying this to Spain for me, Mum? Dad? Grandma? Wish me luck!”

One person said to him, “You have to look shocked and then say ‘this is the weirdest substitution I’ve ever seen. Does anyone have the number of a local newspaper?

Another said: “Buy an airport Toblerone, eat a few triangles, then hide the dildo in the box.”

A cheeky third poster read: ‘Looks like grandmas got an exciting holiday present.’

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